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Tasha Lee Hi. My name is Tasha Lee, and I'd like to introduce myself and Bum Rap Productions. Bum Rap is a company I founded for the express purpose of creating spanking erotica that would appeal to women and men alike. After launching Bum Rap Productions in October of 2003 it took me several years and an eventual move from the East coast to Chicago and now back again to slowly put together the artistic team I felt would allow me to make this vision a reality.

Most of the creative team working on Bum Rap videos have spent years in front of and behind the camera working on feature films, television, stage and video productions. We all hope you will find something different, unique, entertaining and enticing in our productions. Over the coming months we plan to present a number of new videos all of which will be featured on this site. We'll also include free pics and clips, so there is always something new for you to enjoy. Thanks for visiting, please do come back. And I hope you enjoy our videos.

I started out in life as a self-proclaimed weirdo even though I looked like the pretty corn fed girl next door-type. But I always felt different. I don't think that's particularly unusual. I spent a lot of time wondering what was wrong with me before I finally discovered something - what was wrong with me was nothing.

Now I understand there are numerous paths in life and although mine may be an alternative one I am pleased to say I have encountered many warm, wonderful and loving people that share this path with me. I welcome you to explore with us. After all the world would be a mighty dull place if there was only one flower in the garden.

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