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Bum Rap Spanking and Video Productions is the brainchild of actress and film writer Tasha Lee who envisioned a company run primarily by women that would create erotic spanking videos appealing to all spanking enthusiasts. As a professional with a Master of Fine Arts degree in acting and a number of years spent appearing on the legitimate stage as well as film and television, Tasha came across a number of people within the movie industry who were also oriented to the spanking scene. Frequently they would talk about the kind of videos and other spanking erotica that would turn them on. Listening to these conversations, Tasha slowly began to develop the concept for Bum Rap.

In 2003 Bum Rap was founded for the purpose of creating spanking videos and films that appeal to women and men alike. We are film professionals who create well acted and interesting stories while shooting and editing them as we would any other movie. We continue to blend our professional talents with our chosen lifestyle in creating spanking films, movies and videos that are exciting, high quality and engage both the mind and body. We sell direct to the public. Please visit our film catalog.

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Bum Rap Production Spanking Films

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